Friday, November 14, 2008

Week 10: NWC Pick ‘Em

Last chance in the old NWC Pick ‘Em contest and WC11 still has a chance to move up to the 3rd spot. It’s been a boat race this year as it feels like I’ve been standing still in 4th place. I did type too soon as my boy Bluenote fell from grace as Monrovia Cat who has been on the cusp was finally able to overtake the Blue one. (You’re still my boy, Blue!)

If you want to check out the NWC pick ‘em thread on you must be a registered member and it only takes a minute to get a profile set up…just ask the Willamette bandwaggon fans. :)

So here’s my last picks of the year.

Kavin Williams featuring the backup group known as the Puget Sound Loggers over Lewis & Clark. The good news for L&C is that they have made some improvement on the field this year and look to get more recruits in. The bad news is that they’re still Lewis and Clark and the NWC is returning a glut of talent next year. Oh, about this weekend’s game…..the Loggers handle the Pios.

Willamette over Menlo. If we kept track of moral victories then the Oaks would have won the conference title this season as they’ve been so close all year long of breaking through. I expect the Oaks to be respectable here but Willamette is playing for being alone on top of the NWC and for playoff home games. Way too much on the line for Speckman’s team to fall down on their face now.

Bonus Game: Saint John’s @ Carleton. This is for all the MIAC and playoff marbles out in the Minnesota conference. Both teams stand 5-2 in conference and 7-2 overall. The winner goes home and drinks PBR all winter long while the other punches their ticket to the dance. While Carleton might be the better team I do think the old man (SJU Coach Gags) will have some adjustments in his back pocket that will see the Johnnies through. SJU escapes with the MIAC title.

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