Thursday, November 6, 2008

Week 9: NWC Pick 'Em

It’s over Johnnie…it’s over. The race for the title of NWC Pick ‘em champion has been pretty much wrapped up by Bluenote of fame (You’re my boy, Blue!). I’m sitting 4th with a chance to still creep up in the 3rd position over the next few weeks. If you want to check out the NWC pick ‘em thread on you must be a registered member and it only takes a minute to get a profile set up…just ask the folks at WOU (Hi-Yo!)

You already know that I’m taking my ‘Cats over WOU but here are the rest of the picks.

Pacific Lutheran over Menlo: It looks like Menlo is the popular choice here but I think the young ‘Lutes are starting to show some growth even though Menlo has also been making strides as the year moves forward. These are two teams that could cause some major issues for the traditional guard in 2009 so I’m curious to see who gets the upper hand here.

Whitworth over L&C: Look for Tully to keep feeding Adam Anderson and tack on some more TD’s to his resume as an All-American candidate. I think Anderson is a mortal lock to repeat as NWC offensive player of the year (Willamette’s guys split up the load too much) and should pound out a killer 1st half versus the Pios.

Willamette over UPS: Willamette is going to kill the Loggers this weekend. The Bearcats know what’s in front of them and I’m sure last year’s loss up in Tacoma is still fresh on their minds. I know that “Cut and Run” Kavin Williams had a huge game last week vs Linfield but that’s not going to happen this week. Look for Willamette to unload this weekend.

Bonus Game: Carlton @ Concordia-Moorhead (MIAC). In a huge game in the MIAC this week as there is log-jam on top of the Minnesota conference. Moorhead is pretty much in Canada and I hear is really a miserable place to play this time of the year. Cobbers corn Carlton here.

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