Thursday, March 8, 2007

Google Earthing the NWC and friends

Please raise your hand if you've ever found yourself on Google Maps or Earth checking out various satellite views of the house you grew up in, famous landmarks, or the building in Vegas where Pacman Jones was "making it rain".

Well I couldn't help but make a trip around the NWC football fields to see big brother's see the bird's eye view of the Catdome and others. The links to each field is below and I added a few other fields of teams the 'Cats have battled in the present or past.

Catdome: In the middle of 2004 facelift

Willamette: Our field rhymes with "Dammit"

Lewis & Clark: Looks good from far but far from good

Whitworth: Hope I can get my lawn that green

UPS: What my lawn will probably look like

PLU: Rent-a-field with convertable goal posts "Attaway!"

Menlo: Never been there and maybe that's a good thing.


SOU: Dusty was here

WOU: Did you know this is the only D2 field in Oregon?

HSU: North open end is still weird looking

Rowan: No comment needed

SJU: Fuzzy picture makes it hard to see empty Hamms cans on sideline

Oxy: Willamette lost there

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D O.C. said...

Come on...give Redlands a break. They've got fluffy grass.
Let's see it.