Saturday, March 24, 2007

Weekend Update: Indoor tracker and recruit update

Alan Moody and the News-Register ran an update on recent Linfield standouts and where they are currently playing at.

As we talk about before Brandon Hazenberg and Casey Allen were at camp with AFL2's Boise Burn and they have made the final roster (as if there was much doubt). So far the experience as been positive for the Linfield pair: "It reminds me a little of Linfield," (Casey) Allen said. "There's no troublemakers on the team. Me and Haze are trying to bring Linfield's family mentality to the team and get them to buy into it."

In speaking with Brandon earlier it sounds like Casey might be tagged as an offensive specialist (WR) and Haze wasn't sure if he was going to wind up being a defensive specialist at safety.

A specialist doesn't have to play both sides of the ball as most Arena players do.

Carter still has Fever:

2004 All-American WR George Carter is entering his second year with the AFL2's Tri-Cities Fever. Carter is listed as an offensive specialist (WR) for the Fever. I'd try to get some thoughts from George but he's a tough guy to pin down. We'll keep trying.

Ford's Wild about Alaska:

Linfield standout and fan favorite, Thomas Ford (RB, 2004) asked for his release from the Tri-Cities Fever after two years and is heading north to play with the Alaska Wild for the Intense Football League.

BE update:

Brett Elliott and his NFL Europe Rhein Fire continue to work towards the season opener April 14th at home vs the Berlin Thunder and he's in a fight for the starting job with former NFL signal caller Cody Pickett. I have no real inside info on how that's going so we'll just have to wait and see.

Linfield's incomming class gets a little stronger:

Many people around the Linfield community knew that McMinnville high standout RB/LB Josh Armstrong gave a verbal commitment to Linfield but this week word came that he was officially accepted by admissions. Great news for Josh and I'm looking forward to his development over the next four years.

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