Monday, March 12, 2007

Linfield Legend: Carl Haberberger

Throughout's video season (March-August) there will be 5 wildcats that will be named "Linfield Legends". Our first Legend is running back Carl Haberberger (1997-2000). Below are some thoughts on Carl writen by his former teammate, Wildcat standout, and close friend Josh Harrison (WR 1997-2000). Take it away Josh:


When remembering significant Linfield Running Back's, names like Ad Rutschman, Joey Rector, Gary McGarvie and David Russell come to mind. There is another name that can be thrown into the mix that a lot of us know, and everyone who follows Linfield Football should know. That name is Carl Haberberger.
Not too many high school running backs can come into their first year of college football and play a major role in the team’s game plan. This is what Carl did. As his first season went on, he grew more and more involved in the offense and played his way into a starting role, not stopping until the game was taken away from him during the 2000 season.

With the combination of speed, vision, strength and an understanding of the game, Haberberger's talents currently have him sitting third on the school's career rushing yards list. Many of these yards were tallied up after Linfield's offense changed from a run heavy I-back set to a more pass happy spread offense. The chance of climbing higher on this list was cut short with a season ending injury during the fourth game of a potential All-American senior year.

Plenty more could be said about Carl's days at Linfield but players and fans of Linfield Football during the 1997-2000 seasons know Carl is deserving of this acknowledgement. He has received numerous team and conference awards and was in line for a few more.

Wildcat11 has put together some clips to show off some of Carl's best moments. For those of you, who did not get to see Carl play, enjoy the show.
-Josh Harrison Linfield 1997-2000.


Ray Lions said...

I know there is a lot of footage that can't do justice to a great teammate. A lot of people will remember his gameplay but not too many got to experience his off the field attitude. He was a class act and a fun guy to be around. When I got to Linfield I believe he set the standard for the back you could count on every practice, game, and play. Also, thank you Carl for letting me tackle you on the goal line stand in practice. It wasn't the baggy pants either. (inside joke)

Ray Lions

Wildcat11 said...

If Carl didn't tear his ACL his senior year I really feel he was on track to an All-American type year. After the 250 rushing yards he and offensive line put on then #1 PLU everyone knew he was going to have a huge year.

Linfield has had too many great seniors have their final year cut short due to injuries.

Yves Beulynxx said...

I will never forget that play up at plu...I believe it was 4th and 2 and a 1st down would finish the game. Haberberger went for 20+, down to the goal line and the cats had beaten plu at sparks for the first time in a while. He also had a 70+ yard td run in that game, correct? Long Live Carl

Buckner said...

Also should be noted that Carl would hold the single game rushing record (maybe) If it had not been for Josh Harrison blockign 30 yards downfield

Downtown48 said...

They didn't call him the Silver Bullet for nothin'! Wait a minute...his nickname wasn't the Silver Bullet he was just a spokesman for the product...
Haberberger...I fine teammate, not much of a card player.

Phil Marr said...

What else can be said that hasn't already? Carl is one of the best to come through the Catdome. He was a great teammate, leader, and is a great friend!!
Believe it or not, he still has moves that can only be seen once a year in the annual Alumni game.
You know it Habby...Congrats on the footage.

D O.C. said...

I got to see Carl in one game only...Whittier...his last. I remember it was dark and then it got darker.

C.H. said...

I play for wenatchee high school where Hab is now coaching and he is my favorite coach and just a good guy to talk to and joke around with. Im not even a running back but I can always count on Hab to make me laugh and keep football fun. He is full of great advice and is a good friend. He always has a positive attitude and trying to make our team better. Agile, Hostile, Carlile!