Thursday, March 15, 2007

Indoor update: Buring down Boise

Had the chance to touch base with Brandon Hazenberg and Casey Allen on Monday before they headed out to practice with the AFL2’s Boise Burn.

They just stated camp this past weekend and so far so good for the former Wildcat All-Americans. Both had great things to say about the Boise coaching staff in how they teach their players the indoor game and the progress the team has made to this point.

There are 35 in camp right now with the final roster going to be trimmed down to 22 before the start of the season. Both of our ‘Cats are sounding confident that they’ll make that group of 22.

It sounds like Casey will have the opportunity to see reps with the 1’s at Wide Receiver with Haze over on defense at Safety also with the 1’s. Haze confessed that he been making time as a holder for Boise’s place kicker. Would you rather have Haze holding for you or a QB? Me too….

Tuesday was a big day as the Burn will be padding up for the first time and will get a chance to practice indoors at Qwest Arena. In asking Casey about seeing the wall for the first time he stated that he’s more curious to check out the rounded endzones at Qwest Arena. Honestly we all know Casey will be spending some time in the EZ’s so he should try to familiarize himself the best as he can.

Overall, they’re both enjoying the city of Boise where boredom isn’t an issue. I’ll try my best to keep tabs with these two as we move along the indoor season.

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Downtown48 said...

Those guys will have fun there. I spent two weeks there for a playoff series when I was with the pro hockey team. There is no shortage of hot chicks in that town. The arena is cool too. It's inside of a big hotel and it has suites that are actually hotel rooms with king size murphy beds in can stay in your room overlooking the arena and booze all night...I was all ready for it to suck but the town is underrated!