Monday, August 20, 2012

2012 Fall Camp: 'Catback Gauntlet

Wildcat11 is back after spending a big chunk of time with the Wildcats this weekend at fall camp.  The 'Cats have knocked out the first full week of camp and are deep in the grind.  The coaching staff has opened up a fire hose of Linfield football at the players this past week with practice, on top of meeting, on top of practice, on top of meeting.  Around we like to say "Catdome 24/7/365" and the 24/7 part is 100% accurate on what the players have experienced this past week. 

Over the next couple of days, I'll be posting up more clips from camp and bringing you some thoughts on the newly released NWC coaches poll and some additional news and notes from camp.  To kick off this week I wanted to give you a quick glimps at your 2012 'Catbacks (Running Backs).  This 2012 running back position group is deep with talent.  I'm not one that enjoys using the typical coach hype-speak like: "This team is the "positive description" and "positive description" we've EVER seen before."  For me that's hard to write until I actually see the product on the field.  What I will say about the 2012 'Catbacks is they have a proven All-Star in Josh Hill who looks just as sharp this camp as last year, a proven play making back-up in Steven Nasca, a group of Juniors that are capable to produce, and some newcomers that are going to find a way to make an impact this season.

Until then, here's a peak at the 'Catbacks going through the gauntlet this past weekend. 

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