Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2012 Linfield Football Fall Camp: 1st Skelly

Welcome back to our next 2012 fall camp installment.  The above video is of the very first skelly session of the 2012 season (This past Sunday).  The offense look sharp but the defense is put in a bind in having to keep bodies off the ground and work on little to no contact with the offensive players.  The defenders try to get in good position where you can make a play or tackle and put it in the mental bank.  Linfield's staff works very hard in maintaining strong competitive balance with keeping players upright and healthy during the season.  I expect the intensity of Skelly to increase with the 'Cats moving to full pads this week and I'm looking forward to taking in some of that action in this Saturday.

FYI...if you hear the audio drop out during the clip it isn't because of people cursing.  Using swear words around the program is unacceptable.  The audio drops are due to the fast pace nature of skelly session and while a play is materializing the next QB is barking out the next play.  Just didn't feel like broadcasting some of the 'Cats offensive language.

Come back tomorrow as I'll do my best to kick off a fun little series on the top ten plays over the past ten years.  Not everyone will agree but it should be some filler as we work up to the season.

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