Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2012 Fall Camp: A Little Bit Of Everything

The Wildcats practice fast, practice hard, but don't practice out of control. Like any good practice every minute of the time on the field is blocked out and scripted down to second so the 'Cats can maximize both individual and their team time. Linfield keeps it competitive during the entire practice but also making the situation as safe as possible for all. Football is a tough and violent game, but at the same time, every second of practice doesn't needs to be a Gladiator style duel to the death in the arena. Don't get me wrong, Linfield's practices are tough and physical, but not reckless. There's a big difference.

The clip above is a little bit of everything that I capture from this past weekend. There is constant coaching going by not only the Linfield staff but players working with each other with constant reminders. It's a big responsibility for the team vets to make sure they pull up the young bucks and show them how to play Linfield football. A good example of that is when I saw a new offensive lineman get frustrated during a pass pro drill and threw his helmet in disgust. A vet snapped immediately to "Pick it up!". No big explanation on why we don't throw our helmets at Linfield but he didn't need to. It's a little thing but it speaks to the culture of the program. Go 'Cats!

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