Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy 10th Anniversary to the wonderful Mrs. Wildcat11

The future Mr. and Mrs. 11 back in 1998 at the 'Catdome.

I wanted to wish my wonderful wife a happy 10th anniversary. I've found myself spending a great amount of time reflecting on the past 10 years of marriage and I keep circling back to a single thought over and over again: "Damn, I'm so lucky to have Kelly in my life.". I can remember the first time we met back in 1997 in a basement dorm room of Jane Failing Hall. I was acting as a wingman for a good buddy of mine who was building towards asking one of Kelly's roommates out on a date. Kelly just happened to be in the room while my friend broke the ice and kept the conversation moving along. It was basketball season at the time so I knew who Kelly was (Kel was a fantastic hooper for the 'Cats) and Kelly knew me a little by being at some football games in the fall. We talked a little and there was such an at ease of the exchange between us. I didn't know it at the time (I don't think she knew it either) but there was an instant connection between us that slowly grew over the course of the next year.

We were constantly hanging out in the Spring and Fall of 1998. We weren't dating or being romantic but we always seemed to want to be around each other. My last semester on campus was the fall of 1998 (Red-shirted my frosh year) and one of my roommates passions was giving me endless amounts of crap about hanging out with Kelly. He knew it and so did her friends was a matter of us just taking a leap onto that next level. I finally asked Kelly out on a date at the end of that last semester.  We went to a Christmas party at the little house that's set up near the White Apartments on campus. All I remember was the pure happiness I felt in having Kelly with me and we've been inseparable since then.

The past 14 years (and 10 in marriage) has been a great journey for us. We've experienced the highest of highs, bitter disappointments, joy, tears, endless zingers, and have been tested over and over again by life and keep coming out stronger and closer together. I'm damn lucky to have Kelly in my life. Sometimes I wonder why she loves me but if I'm in a position to give you any advice all I'll say is look for someone who makes you laugh, someone who makes you better, and someone who wants you to be "you" and not something or someone else. Oh...and someone who loves the 'Catdome!

Happy anniversary Kel!  I love you.  -RC

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