Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Game 1: Linfield vs Menlo Game Day Guide

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It's game week which means you're going to be packing up your cars and headed to the 'Catdome this weekend to watch the season opener for the 2012 Linfield Wildcats.  Are you new to the 'Catdome and McMinnville and not sure where to grab the best cup of coffee in town or where to get some food after the game?  That's where we come in to lend you a hand on some recommendations around town.

Just click on the Wildcat Head with the number 1 and a bubble will pop up with a gaggle of information on the game (start time, links to game video, audio, previews, tailgate location) and also some recommendations on what to do in Mac and where some solid places to eat.  Now, the Wildcat11's are not wine drinkers and McMinnville has a booming wine industry.  So if you are looking for wine makers in the area then here is the link to the Yamhill Valley winemakers association.

If you want a bigger look at the map then either click on the link on the info bar on the right or just click here.

Come back tomorrow for our big game 1 preview.

Update: For those are going to be attending the Linfield vs California Lutheran game on the 15th, the Linfield Alumni association has set up a Pre-Game BBQ.  The BBQ is for all Linfield fans, family, and alumni who would like to attend.  Here is the link for more information and how to register.  

The Linfield Alumni association is also hosting a pre-game BBQ in the parking lot across the street from Sparks Stadium when Linfield travels up to Puyallup, Washington to play Pacific Lutheran on September 29th.  Again, here is that link where you can register.

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