Sunday, August 26, 2012

2012 Fall Camp is complete. Attention turns to the start of the season.

YOUR Linfield Wildcats wrapped up their 2012 fall camp with Linfield's annual scrimmage early Saturday morning as Linfield ran though endless situations as the entire roster had opportunities to turn heads and show that they're ready to find their roll on this potentially darn good team.

The fall camp wasn't prefect by any stretch. Linfield has some keys areas they are still needing to get a polished and solidify as they face a stiff challenger in Menlo on the 1st. Menlo is going to be loaded with physical athletes and with Speckman leading the charge you know the Oaks will be sound in scheme and preparation.

For Linfield, the expectations are where they should be and that's sky high. This roster has a number of positions stuffed with talent, depth, and experience. If the 'Cats are able to iron out the kinks that ailed Linfield during camp then this team is one of the very top elite in Division 3. The path to Linfield's goal this season is filled with top flight challengers and improved programs but while Linfield respects their future opponents you can sure as heck believe they fear none.

Above is a short clip from the scrimmage and below I tracked down Coach Smith and Coach Vaughan to talk about the Wildcat offense and defense. We'll wrap up our Top Ten Plays of the Past 10 years tomorrow with plays 3-1. Then, we'll jump into the game week mode with our tradition week on the ADvantage.

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