Monday, February 4, 2013

Audio golden nugget - Linfield at CLU

So Wildcat11 was working on cleaning up his 2012 files when I found this audio clip from Linfield's 33-30 last second victory at California Lutheran. What a classic. In CLU's shiny new soccer/football stadium they have the visiting radio broadcast out in the stands calling the action. When you put the visitor radio call into the home crowd you're just asking for knuckleheads to "audiobomb" the broadcast. Enter exhibit "A" from above.

With Linfield's Josh Kay hitting the game winning field goal with only seconds left a CLU fan let Linfield's play-by-play man Bill Johnson and the Linfield Faithful have it with his reasoning on why Linfield walked out of town with the win. Bill was a total pro and didn't flinch or respond to the clown as you could hear his lip dragging in utter disappointment as he kept stepping on Bill's call.

The fun beings at the 20 second mark. Go 'Cats!

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