Sunday, February 17, 2013

Harlem Shake...Catdome Style

If you didn't know it by now but the Harlem Shake is the latest internet video meme that's firebombing the world. I don't know who patient zero is but the basic of the video is that the clip typically starts with a static shot of people going about their daily business with one person with a mask/helmet/costume that's getting down. When the beat drops the scene turns from one crazy into everyone (and if not more) getting down.  The video typically only last between 35-45 seconds and that's part of the charm.  15 seconds of build up, go bonkers, done.

Current Linfield Student Body President, Nic Miles, wasn't going to let the shake go by without Linfield getting their say so he quickly put together a group of 'Cats together over at the HP apartments to get their Harlem Shake on. I do believe there are a number of current Wildcat football players in the mix including our helmet wearing truffle shuffling lead. Get work 'Cats!

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