Monday, February 11, 2013

Linfield football IS family

Born and raised 'Catdome.

A lot of football programs talk about being a "family" but few have as deep of a family connection as Linfield.  The Oregonian ran a story this past season on the current 9 players on Linfield's 2012 roster who have fathers that were Linfield athletes. 

"I wanted to be a part of something that was bigger than myself," (All-American Offensive Guard) Drew Wert said. "My dad was just happy to watch me play football anywhere. But I think he does take a little pride that I've had a pretty successful career at Linfield." 

Drew is right...being a member of Linfield football is deciding to take part in something bigger, to lock arms and become part of a family that continues to strive for excellence each season.  What drove this aspect home for me this past weekend is when Todd MacClanthan (1988) posted up this photo of himself on Facebook during the 1988 season holding his 4 month old son, Michael.  Fast forward 19 years later and Todd's son is wearing his number and is a wrecking ball for the 'Cats defensive line.  I cannot imagine the amount of pride Todd must feel in seeing his son playing the 'Catdome.

This photo is truly a great visual on how deep rooted Linfield Football is when it comes to family.

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