Thursday, February 14, 2013

Throwback Thursday: The goal post goes down!

It's Throwback Thursday on the ADvantage and I have a personal favorite to share today. We all know that Linfield holds the College Football All-Division record for consecutive winning seasons. Linfield currently stands with 57 years in-a-row with more wins than losses. But in 1998, the 'Cats went into that season tied with Harvard and Notre Dame at 42 seasons a piece.

Linfield started off the 1998 season at 4-0 but doing so by having to mount comebacks in all four of the 'Cats wins. Willamette came into the 'Catdome that season at 4-1 and looking not to be on the other side of history. It was a tight game the whole way with Willamette taking a 19-14 lead off of two late field goals. It looked like Linfield would have to wait a little longer to clinch year number 43.

Linfield took the ball on their own 15-yard line with 5:30 left in the game and quarterback Brian Higgins engineered an 85-yard touchdown drive that was capped with a 3-yard TD strike to Nick Forsey with 47 seconds left in the game.

Willamette still had a chance to pull it out as they hit two big passes (Wildcat11 missed a point-blank sack (still ticked about it)) to set up a 50-yard game winning field goal attempt. The kick fell well short and the 'Catdome went CRAZY. The students tore down the south end zone goal post and marched that bad boy out to midfield for one of the coolest football moments I've ever been a part of.  The students took the goal post out on campus and I believe the goal post made it to a backyard of a house on Cleveland Ave that night.

You can check out the drive on This was in my early stages of video making so please excuse the production values.

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DS said...

And the guy that pinned himself under the post? Living in cell 2343in Salem?
Too funny.
There are those alive who will say they were in on that as well as Mishap In the Mud.