Thursday, February 7, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Coach Rombach

Coach Rombach brought it every Saturday...and still does.

Throwback Thursday is primary a Twitter theme you'll see when people post up pictures from their past as "throwbacks". Since today is a Thursday, I figured we should have our own Throwback Thursday with the Linfield coaching staff. The great majority of the staff are former Linfield football players. The men on this staff have a deep and connected understanding what it's like to be a Linfield football student-athlete.  These coaches know what they need to do in order to arm the players in their charge with the tools to be success on and off the field.

Coach Phil Rombach is a great man. He was an intense competitor on the field and you could count on Coach Rombach to be the most prepared player every Saturday. That hasn't changed, as Coach Rombach is just as intense and prepared as a coach for the 'Cats. Game Face!

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