Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Alumni/JV Game this Saturday at 7:30!!!!!!

The now annual Linfield alumni vs Junior Varsity game will take place this Saturday at 7:30 at the 'Catdome. It should be a great Saturday for football at Linfield as the 'Cats Varsity will square off vs Lewis & Clark at 1:30 for Homecoming and just a few hours later the 'Cats of the past will face off vs the 'Cats of the future. The Alumni Team coordinator and Linfield assistant coach, Brandon Hazenberg, has confirmed that there are about 55 alumni players that have confirmed they will squeeze into the Linfield purple and white once again. Below is a tentative roster and there will probably be additions/subtractions:

QB: Brett Elliott, Tyler Matthews, Trevor Scharer

Mort Kotler, Dan Lever, Jon Montalvo, Louie Penn, Pete Cruikchank, Riley Jenkins (Possible)

WR: Casey Allen, Brad McKechnie, George Carter, Brandon Hazenberg, Josh Vierra, John Torsey, Travis Master, Andy Jamison, Kyle Warner, Joe O'Neil, Sonte Wong (Possible)

OL: Dwight Donaldson, James Holan, Rob McCollough, Jason Bolin, Jared Hinkle, John Kemper, Bryan Swanson

TE: Joe Siefert, Ben Blosser

Kicker: Scott Cannon, Scott Birkhofer

Defensive End: Wildcat11, Taylor Summers, Nick Soo, Robert Acevedo. Kelley Bertrand

DT: Ricky Gaspar, Mike Ketler; Mitch Chadwick (possible)

LB: Phil Rombach, Ryan Caffall, Brodie Unger; Brandon Olsen, Cam Rogers

Rover: Andrew Bean, Ryan Boatsman

Safety: Brian Mehl, Neil Fendall, Rod Booth

Monster: Keone Twata, Ray Boatsman

Cornerback: Chris Boock; Phil Marr; Josh "Army" Armstrong, Gabe Haberly; Andrew Woods; Joe Smith

Coach Hazenberg would like all of the alumni players to meet after the team break AFTER the Lewis and Clark game is over. If not, be at the stadium around 4:30 PM to get you gear. All you need is a mouthpiece and cleats, as the college will have the uniforms (if we can still fit in them) but bring along your own stuff if you want.

If you are not on this list and want to play please email Coach Hazenberg at: brhazenb@linfield.edu

Also, the team is planning on conducting a silent auction during the alumni game and there should be a large amount of cool Linfield Wildcat football items that will be available. From helmet stickers, shirts to autographed pictures of some of the Linfield greats from the past.

Make sure you make it out to BOTH games this Saturday. Go 'Cats!!!


Anonymous said...

JV is in trouble looking at this roster...best of luck kids

doc said...

Cornerback: Coach Joe Smith? Must be a few more I'm not familiar with.

Riley Jenkins (Possible)
Just a wise a$$ here Riley, but you are four years too late.

TDT said...

Did any of these guys ever beat the Johnnies?