Friday, November 5, 2010

Around The 'CatdomeO'sphere

Get to the Game this weekend 'Catdome!
Alright a fun trip around our news link round up in this Friday's Around the 'CatdomeO'sphere. We have some highlights of the 'Cats, video of Will/Whit, and Coach Smith's and Speckman's pressers for the week. However, the cream of the crop is the batch of bonus stories at the end of the roundup. Menlo and SOU look to have found a home in the Frontier Conference (Mont. based) and that should save SOU because they were looking at closing up shop if they didn't find a conference.

However, the good stuff comes from Cal Lu this past week where reserve WR Clinton Panton Jr. was rundown, tased, cuffed and stuff, after things got out of hand at a Ventura nightclub. Panton Jr (who has actually been convicted in August 2008 for felony transportation of a controlled substance and of being armed during that offense.) flicked a lit cig that hit a cop in the face and then took a "fighting stance". I guess the lesson here is to not be a moron. Not a good weekend for CLU football.

Linfield Sports: Menlo vs Linfield video highlights

Linfield Review (pdf): 'Cats stomp a mud hole in Menlo (page 16)

Linfield Sports: The 'Cats Lamson is running with an edge Menlo vs Linfield live blog

Linfield Sports: Coach Smith's presser as he talks Oaks and Rats 'Cats deliver doughnuts to Oaks Former 'Cats player and coach Gary Thorson has Dayton High back on track. (video): Rats on the road to Linfield and Tully says something but nothing at same time. (video): Bearcats swamp rats (video): Willamette plays keep away with Whitworth (video): Yet another Will/Whit video and the Rats still loses Rats take a dive

Full Access Sports Vimeo Page: Willamette's Mark Speckman talks Rat win and L&C Small College Round Up leads with L&C's loss to PLU WU's offense boat races the Rats Lutes over L&C in just a crap wrap-up article.

The Trail (UPS student paper): UPS wins second game by ducking Menlo and playing Pacific a 2nd time


Harvedailynews: SOU and Menlo looks like they found an NAIA home in the Frontier Conference CLU reserve receiver (and convicted felon) Clinton Panton Jr. gets arrested in Ventura for flicking lit cig at cops and "taking a fighting stance" Arrest Report: Panton couldn't outrun the cops...guess that's why he never played

Arrestnation: Panton makes "" which tracks all arrests in sports. Congrats.

VCstar: CLU football puts Panton Jr on ice. CLU has no social all

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