Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday Video

Sorry we don't have any action from Saturday's tilt vs Menlo but I'm still in the process of pulling clips from the game and catching up on the PLU highlight clip. However in honor of our 'Cats hosting the Whitworth Pirates I'll post up a clip from last year's game where the Whitworth Streaker made an appearance during the early portion of the 3rd quarter. I didn't even see the guy coming as the Rats lined up a flash ran across my lens (causing the Rat TE to false start). The streaker, who had pretty good speed, sprinted to his escape vehicle with nothing but shoes, a backpack, and a mask on. Loved it that Coach Smith started hammering at the refs about the false start (hear at the end of the clip).

The worse part I wanted to make it "PG" rated so I took an old Whitworth logo and had to trace the "path" of this Pirates booty during the duration of the clip so I could get the logo to cover it up. It took over an hour and half to track his hind parts and it was way too much face time for this Wildcat. The things I do to bring you solid gold material.


Bubs said...

With Anderson being hurt, they may want to think about signing that guy up to play this week if they are going to have any chance moving the ball against our D.

d1shima said...

I couldn't see the "end" of the video!