Thursday, November 11, 2010

Game 9 Preview: Linfield (7-1) at Lewis and Clark (4-4)

Here we are again...the season finale and the opportunity for YOUR Linfield Wildcats to win the NWC title outright during consecutive years. As you know by now, the 'Cats have already locked up at least a part of the NWC title and the conference's automatic bid but there is nothing like winning the conference title outright. No ties, No sharing, Nada, Nothing. Just standing on top of the conference for the 34th time in program history. I believe that is the only thing on the Wildcats mind right now. Leave No Doubt who is this conference's top cat.

Standing in the way of that outright NWC title is a very improved and hungry Lewis & Clark Pioneer team lead by an explosive offense that can pop the big play on just about every single snap. This is not the L&C team we have all known for the past 15 years but rather a team that is welcoming the game with Linfield to judge just how far they have come and how close they are from being an NWC title contender.

The 'Cats better not sleep on the Pios this Saturday or they are going to get into a battle and could just supply L&C with the springboard they need to launch their program towards that next step in being a consistent threat in the NWC. This game is not only vital for this 2010 Linfield team but also to keep the hammer down on an upstart program.

Get To Know A Wildcat

#28 Simon Lamson, Senior, Running Back

Hometown: Gridley, California

High School: Gridley High School

Major: Physical Education( prime to make the big bucks)

Favorite Place in Mac to eat: Gotta be Taco Del Mar

Favorite Music: Tough one, but lately some alternative rock, and the relaxing stuff wit John Mayer and Jack Johnson

Favorite TV Show: easily The Office and Friends

Do you have a Friday night before game ritual:  You know I have always felt so lost on Friday nights cause I feel like I should be doin' somethin', u know? Basically never homework, just whatever is right on tv.

Favorite Pro Football Team: St. Louis Rams baby!!

Class you look forward to the most at Linfield: Gotta be Outdoor Pursuits, we have been out to a challenge course and alli.

Mac or PC: I refuse to buy an apple products (other than my ipod)

What's is your CPU homepage set to: L.A. Lakers Basketball

Xbox, PS3, or Wii:  Xbox!

Favorite NWC road trip: any of them, doesn't matter how far. I love the bus rides For the love of the game!

Least Favorite NWC road trip: See Above

Favorite Movie that Coach Smith has picked for a bus ride home:  For the Love of the Game!

Favorite Coach Smith saying with the Running Backs: "That's some good suga there" he invented sugar for out run fake carry outs

Which offensive player is the most worried about how their uniform looks: Ryan Henderson, prolly cause it helps him stay focused on something! We both kinda ADD bound

Wildcat11's Keys To Victory:

Contain L&C QB Keith Welch: There is not a single doubt that Redshirt-Freshman is the engine that drives the explosive Pioneer offense. Welch is the NWC's leading rusher (as a QB) at 119 yards per game (7.1 yards a rush) and with 14 rush TD's. However, just don't think he's just a RB playing QB as Welch is a solid passer in tossing 12 TDs on 91 of 166 passing attempts for 158 yard a game throwing. The Pioneer staff is smart to put the ball in Welch's hands just about every time the Pioneers need a play. 3rd and long...Welch will have the ball in his hands. 4th and short...Welch will have the ball in his hands. If Linfield can slow him down then they will bog up the L&C offense.

Be ready to play a team looking for the upset: Linfield found out last week that if you're not ready to play the game that any team in the NWC can rise up and punch you in the mouth. Headed into the playoffs, I would love to see this Wildcat team to come into this game with that playoff intensity. This game is huge not only for Linfield but the 'Cats have to know L&C is going to be sky high for the opportunity to compete with Linfield. Linfield needs to come out of the game and take the fight to the Pios.

WR's and Boehme are on point: Lewis and Clark is dead last in the NWC is passing defense and the 'Cats have to be able to expose that weakness from the outset. I'm not saying to forget the running game but our WR crew and Boehme have to be explosive and ready to make plays in the passing department.

Be great tacklers: L&C has some solid offensive players than just besides Welch so it's vital for the 'Cats defense to be great tacklers and not allow the Pioneer offense extra yards after contact.

Solid Special Teams: Let's win this phase of the game and with emphases. The kickoff and kick return teams can be huge this weekend in pinning the Pioneers offense and setting up the 'Cats offense with short porches. WC11 would LOVE to see the 'Cats special teams dominate.

DB's take away Shawn Evans: Evans is Welch's favorite target and a big body (6'3", 235) that is listed as a TE but is more of an H back that plays in the slot. In my opinion if the 'Cats can take way Evans it will create problems when the Pioneers need big plays out of the passing game.


'Cats by 28. I want to see this Wildcat team playing at their top gear this weekend. If the 'Cats bring it then I have zero doubt that Linfield is going to win and with a thunderous swing of the hammer. In my bones I think the 'Cats are going to be ready to send a message to the NWC and the NCAA playoff field that Linfield is here and not going anywhere. Go 'Cats!

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