Friday, November 12, 2010

Week 11: NWC Pick 'em

All Day, All 'Cats!
Wildcat11 has started out the way he started the season...a winning picking machine!!!!. WC11 was 5 for 5 last week and extended his lead in the 2010 NWC Pick 'Em contest. My overall record is now 53 for 67 (79.1%). My nearest competitor is going the other way on a few games with me this week so there is still a chance that I could lose in the final week but like my Linfield Wildcats, I'm going out in the final week of the pick 'ems on a high note!!!!

Northwest Conference Games:

Menlo (3-7) over Pacific (0-8) (at Menlo):  Pacific has been making some nice progress over the season.  It hasn't resulted into any wins but it looks like they are laying a nice foundation for the 2011 season.  However the Boxers are going to have to repeat that line of thinking as I think a limping Menlo team will end the season on a home victory.  This will be the Boxers longest road trip this season, playing at Menlo is hard (because the place is such a dump), and this will be Pacific's first time in having to take a shortened travel roster.  All of that adds up to a Menlo win.

Whitworth (4-5) over Puget Sound (2-6) (at UPS):  I think this is like the Loggers 15th home game of the season.  This game could be tight if Whitworth comes into the contest without energy after putting up a good first half vs Linfield.  I like the Rats defense and defensive backfield.  If I was Tulley I would put the ball in Eglet's (Rats QB) hands more and adopt a more aggressive passing attack because I think the Soph. is a heady player and throws are pretty accurate ball.  I think the lack of a running attack is going to cause UPS issues again this week as the Logger's Duncan White doesn't have the advantage in throwing against a Boxer or L&C defensive backfield.

#19 Pacific Lutheran (7-1) over Willamette (7-2) (at PLU):  Holy Smokes.  Talk about a massive game for the 'Lutes.  If PLU can win this game they are a huge shot at a Pool C bid but standing in their way is a solid Willamette team with two "good losses" (*ha*).  If this game was at Willamette then I wouldn't hesitate to take the Bearcats in a heartbeat.  I'm sticking to my theory that PLU has a habit of playing down on the road but a much better team up at Sparks.  Since I've been hammering this thought home all year long I would be a wuss if I didn't stick to my guns and call a tight PLU win on the back of some great breaks for the 'Lutes.  This should be a fun game to watch. 

West Region Game of the Week:

UW-Stout (5-4) over UW-Osh Kosh (4-5) (at Stout):  After Whitewater all of these UW system schools all blend together to me.  This could be a coin flip but I'll take the home team and I can't in my right mind pick a school who's name reminds me of children's overalls.  I'll take Stout.

UW-Stevens Point (6-3) over UW-Platteville (5-4) (at UWSP):  Stevens Point was picked to be a playoff team this season and have somewhat disappointed with a 6-3 season.  I think the Pointers are a decently talented team will will finish up the season with a solid win over Platteville.

National Game of the Week:

#21 DePauw (9-0) over Wabash (7-2) (at Wabash):  This is the most celebrated rivalry game in Division III football/athletics.  The game is known as The Monon Bell Classic (The winner plays for the Monon Bell)  The teams hook up for the 117th team is will once again be nationally broadcasted by HDnet.  With that said, I know squat about either team and don't really care to put in the effort too.  I'll take the ranked team to win just because.

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