Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Linfield O-Line Mustache Match-Up Mix-Up Game

For the second year in a row the Linfield Wildcats are on a power mustache kick in support of another playoff run. This was started late in the 2009 season by then senior linebackers Alex Tkachuk and Paul Partlow where they inspired the team to not shave off their upper lip hair during the 'Cats playoff run and it spread throughout the team like wildfire. The result was a mass array of some decent looking 'staches but mainly most of the guys looked like they should not be allowed within 500 yards of a school zone.

Wildcat11 was discussing this year's growth with the boys on the offensive line before the CLU game and we had a bit of a brainstorm for a game on the blog. The idea here is that we take head shot photos from each guy from the offensive line and just see how good you are in matching up their 'staches with the player himself. It's pretty much the same thing you would see in one of those fashion mags where you match up the lips of some celeb with their name but instead we're just substituting models and top actresses with offensive linemen and their tragic attempts to grow some flavor savers.

So this is how it works: Below we assign each name of the Linfield's offensive line (and Tight Ends) and o-line coaching staff with a number and that will be followed by a photo spread of close ups of the groups 'staches. Each cropped photo with have a letter assigned to it. The 'staches and names of the O-Line are not in the same order so your quiz is to try to match up the 'staches to what offensive lineman they belong to. After the last close up of the 'staches is a "jump break" which once you click on will give you the answers to the match-up along with the full res photo. So you need to break out a piece of paper and a writing utensil and get to it. Best of luck and post up just how many you got right!

Offensive Line Members

1. Jordan Barnes (Offensive Guard, #70)
2. Drew Wert (Offensive Guard, #61)
3. Coach Doug Hire (Offensive Line Coach)
4. Eric Anderson (Offensive Guard, #60)
5. Chris Saunders (Tight End, #87)
6. Zach Hickman (Offensive Tackle, #66)
7. Hayden Mace (Center, #65)
8. Aaron Tanabe (Center, #57)
9. Jacob Priester (Tight End, #84)
10. Cheyne Kaninau (Offensive Guard, #75)
11. Kaston Gleason (Offensive Tackle, #69)
12. Aaron Heston (Offensive Tackle, #73)








Your answers are here after the jump!

A. #2 Drew Wert

B. #4 Eric Anderson

C. #1 Jordan Barnes

D. #10. Cheyne Kaninau

E. #3 Coach Hire

F. #12 Aaron Heston

G. #6 Zach Hickman

H.#7 Hayden Mace

I. #5. Chris Saunders

J. #8 Aaron Tanabe

K.#9. Jacob Priester

L. #11. Kaston Gleason

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Anonymous said...

Classic! I love it Carlson! I don't know many of the guys personally so it was tough, but I couldn't miss Coach Hire's.