Sunday, February 4, 2007

Tacoma / Gig Harbor = Catdome North!

So here we go...the Linfield Football Blog is up and running! Now don't worry, this was just the most relevant picture I had at the moment and I wanted to test this thing out. So we'll see how good the Coyotes are this year without their stud RB and TE. Never too early to pile on those pukes. Nice work WC11, I think this will be fun.

Now the real question of the day is, who will be going to Disney World? Will it be Peyton and the Colts or will Tank Johnson be packin' enough heat to get the Bears a win? I know one person that will probably be shootin' blanks is Rex Grossman. I told Ditka I was pullin' for the Colts and and you can see what he thought about that.

It should be a good game and sitting here at 2:00 PM, it looks like nobody will be MIA for this game. No reports yet about any hookers, cocaine binges or trips to mexico so it's all good heading into Super Bowl XLI. By the way how bad are they killin' Denny Green...they've been running his meltdown all day!!

We'll talk more Linfield a little later!

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