Sunday, February 11, 2007

Harrison, I swear it’s on the way.

OK, I’ll admit one of my worst traits is that when I move a “to do” on my list to the side, that “to do” doesn’t get done for a long time. Sending Harrison’s helmet back to him has been on my “to do” list for over 3 months now.

How did I get it? Well after the 2006 edition of the Alumni/JV football game (The Alumni team rolled 35-14) I get an e-mail from a panicked Harrison who forgot to grab his helmet after the game. What do you expect, he’s a linebacker. I assure him that I’m on the case. I swing by practice the very next day and find that senior defensive tackle Mike Ketler grabbed it up for safekeeping.

I shoot Harrison a message back to deliver the good news that his lid is on the way. He has to be saying to himself “Man, WC11 is really on top of things” Fast forward 3 months later and it’s still hanging on a hook in the garage and I’m sure he thinks I’m an ass. But no more I tell you! As you read this I’m packing up his helmet in a cardboard box that was storing some old VHS tapes (Men in Black, Porky’s, Porky’s Revenge, Beaches, etc) and putting one of his prized possessions in the trusted hands of the Post Office.

Don’t worry Harrison, I swear it’s on the way!

Sidenote: Big props to Linfield’s Women’s basketball team who just won their 4th in a row and ran their NWC record to 8-6 and have a shot at making the NWC playoffs (top three in the NWC play for the NCAA playoff auto bid)

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Beancounter said...

Props to the Wildcat women as well....since the PLU fiasco, they're on a nice four game run. And they have a nice tiebreaker in their pocket with the sweep of George Fox....they are in with two wins this weekend regardless of what L&C does.