Monday, February 5, 2007

Yes, this is going to be fun...

WC11, I'll echo along with Downtown...this is a great idea.

This is a day that I traditionally mourn more than others. The Super Bowl is done and I won't see another "significant" football game now for almost seven months (that may change if Mr. Brett Elliott finds some success in NFL Europe). And yes, the tax season really begins today. I'll likely be in this office every single day for the next 72 days for my busy season....comforted by the knowledge that the long hours now means that I'll have more time in the fall for football officiating and yes, our Wildcats.

My hope is that this blog gives us a chance to discuss football (with a Linfield twist of course) with a level of football intelligence that isn't available other places. No criticism of Pat Coleman from me, but Hamms' beer has little to do with the great game of football.

And about the photo.....I'm with three of my favorite people. I was overjoyed when Mack Farag joined the staff as our equipment manager this past season. Dave Hansen has been with the Wildcats longer than I have and is a member of the Linfield Athletics Hall of Fame. And seated is team chaplain Tyler Matthews. Tyler and his wife Molly's home is the same home my wife and I had for our first home when we came back to McMinnville in 1983. Tyler's courage at St. Johns' in 2003 will not be forgotten.

For some quick amusement, go to the football recruiting section of and read that a few kids have been "offered" by Linfield. Nobody gets "offered" in Division 3. And the offers given to Western Oregon recruits? Since they have about ten scholarships to give, the financial help that these guys get is about the same amount as "passing go" in a game of Monopoly...$200.

Let's have fun!


Wildcat11 said...'s recruiting checking them out. the best are the kids I've never heard of with the likes of Flordia State and Ohio State next to their names as teams they are looking at. I'll riff on that one day.

Kevin said...

Stumbled onto your blog (via Google Alerts for Brett Elliot's name), nice to find it. I read d3football during the season, but this'll be a great place to get 'Cat only talk.

Kevin (Linfield '92)