Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Hawk doesn’t dig family time

Current Colorado Buffalo head man and former Willamette Bearcat Head Coach (1993-1997), Dan Hawkins had a sweet rant the other day. Apparently a parent slipped the coach an anonymous letter bitching about their kid not having enough free time during the spring/summer. I guess the Hawk wants his kids to be working out and getting ready to play Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Florida State instead of loading up the wagon and headed out for the yearly camping trip.

I don’t really blame the Hawk for going all D.Green during that news conference. Really, high school sports are already being ruined by medaling and overbearing parents. It’s only a matter of time before there are parents writing letters to the Colorado AD complaining how their kid’s feelings are hurt because the Hawk replaced their son with a female kicker.

Here’s the audio:
The Hawk wants you to go play I.M.'s

Deadspin: Dan Hawkins REALLY wants you to practice more


Beancounter said...

Don't bet on the Hawk bringing in a female kicker.....Colorado already has some experience with the novelty when Gary Barnett was the head coach when Katie Hnida joined the team. A quick Google of her name ought to fill in some details on how that has turned out.....

Beancounter said...

In the past few days, the Hawkins rant is getting more than a little bit of play on ESPN and my standby at the office, ESPN radio. To me, this whole thing was a bit planned by Hawkins to kick his staff and team in the rear, letting them know that it is going to take some hard work to turn around a 2-10 record.

Colin Cowherd of ESPN radio has his doubts about the culture around Buff football, saying that Colorado is nothing but a hippie school making it hard to win on a long time basis. Historically, Cowherd is right.

Wildcat11 said...


Good to see we're beating ESPN to the punch! :)

"Cowherd is right"...just like he was right about Vince Young? :)

I know a rookie doesn't make a full body of work but The Herd was way off the mark there. However, I will concede that Colin does know College Football