Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fending off D3 dullards

People that don’t know much about the Northwest Conference sure do have a lot of opinions on the quality of football. By “these people” I’m mainly talking about the people that follow the local states schools in the NW. They say our conference is “weak” and that our level of competition is “pathetic”. I find this line of talking to be pretty amusing.

This is coming from the same groups whose teams have recently lost to multiple members of the NWC or really don’t understand where the conference stands in terms of national scale in the division.

The fine people at d3football.com continue to have the NWC ranked 3rd out of 26 conferences in nation. (http://www.d3football.com/atn.php?id=91). Not to mention that the NWC’s has the 2nd highest winning percentage during the playoffs from 1999-2006 (18-10, .643).

What else you ask? Please name another conference during this time that has had four of its members qualify for the DIII playoff and what conference has multiple members win national champions during that period? That right…only the NWC.

Yeah, Lewis & Clark is in shambles still but I feel the conference isn’t going anywhere on the DIII stage anytime soon. So next time someone calls the NWC “weak” just remember that this is coming from someone who’s team doesn’t even belong to a conference or their team plays a round robin schedule…yes there are football conferences that do that.


Beancounter said...

Since the Northwest Conference voted in 1994 to begin the process of moving into NCAA division three membership, there have been victims of the move who had nothing to do with it....namely WOU. WOU was in a very comfortable situation in the old CFA and NAIA. And the fans are bitter about losing all the rivalries. So now they belittle the rivals....essentially because the world isn't what it used to be.

Playing home and away in football is fine in the NFL because of a 16 game schedule. In d1 college football, it only happens when a second game is a conference championship game...and the second game doesn't happen all that often. But good grief...to come and and say the NWC is inferior football when your own schedule has to resort to home and away games against the same opponent is rather silly.

Yves Beulynxx said...

The people who post on Oregon Live are losers- much like Rosey O'Donnel.

Wildcat11 said...

yikes...I post on there so I guess I'm with that group. :)

I will say that a few of the people there with the most outspoken opinion of Linfield haven't even been to a Wildcat game in years....they just respond to what they "hear" from their buddies or they lash back at our fan base.