Thursday, February 22, 2007

NFL combine news....

The NFL combine starts tomorrow in Indianapolis. Todd McShay of ESPN has every player invited to the combine rated. And as such, I couldn't help but surf over to the tight ends, where these local and small college guys are rated by McShay (on a scale to 100):

Joe Newton, Oregon State 59
Kevin Boss, Western Oregon 56
Michael Allen, Whitworth 49
Dante Rosario, Oregon 45

I have a hard time thinking Rosario has much of a chance to be a traditional tight end in the pros due to his size....maybe some H back offense where he can get out and run a bit, but he seems undersized as a tight end.

And yeah, considering where these guys are on the list of tight ends, they had better have a good combine in order to move up the list.


Wildcat11 said...

Hey Bean...what's better on that scale of 100...being higher or lower?

Yves Beulynxx said...

I would assume higher because I highly doubt that Joe Newton is less of a prospect then allen. Plus, Newton was coached by Locey.

Wildcat11 said...

I would think that would be the case too but you never know with those wacky guys at ESPN.

I'm thinking about watching the combine on Saturday but I would rather stick a fork in my leg than watch dudes run the 40 all day long.

Beancounter said...

The best score is 100, the lowest is a guy like Jordan Kent of Oregon, who is at 30. Therefore according to McShay, Newton and Boss are better prospects than Allen. Making the combine especially important for Allen....this is his big chance to do all the agility, speed and weight stuff "head to head" against the other TE's.