Friday, October 8, 2010

Around The 'CatdomeO'sphere

Oh this was a fun Friday link dump post to put together.  Not only for the rounding up all of the Linfield beatdown articles but WC11 unearthed a gem of a quote and story on a staff infection that hit the Menlo football team.  Seriously, I almost spit coffee all over my computer screen.  This blast is pretty nice but it still doesn't clip the epic line from the L&C student from last year about the Pios bring in a patsy for homecoming.  L&C student, Rainier Goubault's quote is still the king.  'Cats Whip Willamette  Linfield just made another Tackle for Loss against Willamette (that joke never gets old)

Linfield Sports:  Linfield vs Willamette Game Highlights  Relive Linfield vs. Willamette with Live Game Blog

The Linfield Review: 'Cats Clobber the Bearcats (page 16)

The Willamette Collegian:  Bearcats bumming because of buttkicking Vimeo Page:  Coach Speckman's Willamette/Linfield game thoughts

Linfield Sports: Head Coach Joe Smith's Willamete/Linfield game thoughts and his take on upcoming UPS game. West Region Writer sends in postcard from the Catdome (I know he LOVED writing it too!)

The News Tribune:  PLU boots their way to victory over Puget Sound YouTube Page:  PLU's game winning FG  Rats carve out victory over the Oaks  Staph Infection rips thought Menlo and anonymous students drops quote of the year.

Spokesmanreview: Rats looking for positive position vs PLU

ESPN Northwest (w/ Video): PLU and Rats have a big showdown! KGW's morning goofball visits with Lewis & Clark Football  KGW shines light on football staff. around the west: Halfway though the West Region Season

Idaho Press: College of Idaho wants to be in the Northwest Conference (Article from July but a good read)

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