Friday, October 22, 2010

Week 7: NWC Pick 'Em

Old Blue will be looking to pour out a victory this weekend up at Sparks Stadium
For the 2nd week in a row Wildcat11 was only 4 out of 6 last week as Coe and Cortland State were upset by Wartburg and Rowan. That brings my year to date total to 35 out of 47 which is still a solid 74.5% but I'm now tied for 1st place in the NWC Pick 'Em Contest and another picker is just one game back. It's a tight race and my hot pace has cooled off. WC11 is looking to get his mojo back and this week's slate of games is going to be the start of putting this contest in a death grip as we start heading down the stretch.

Northwest Conference:

Willamette (4-2) over Menlo (2-4) (at Willamette): Menlo was "this close" to tripping up PLU but have lost that 4th quarter magic that got the Oaks off that to that 2-1 start. Willamette laid a dud first half vs UPS last week but was able to right the ship in the second half. Menlo isn't a terrible team but has just had a beastly schedule but they are going to take another loss to another quality opponent. Willamette breaks open a tight one in the 3rd quarter.

Whitworth (3-3) over Pacific (0-5) (at Pacific): Adam Anderson is going to feast on the young Boxer defense and put up 3 or 4 trips to the house in what will be a sour 1st homecoming for Pacific. I think that the 'Cats thinned out the Boxer roster by about 10 players last week. Yikes.

Lewis & Clark (3-2) at Puget Sound (1-5): A lot of folks on the NWC pick 'em page were taking UPS in this game and I have no idea why. The Loggers rush defense is downright tragic and L&C is putting up some dang good rushing numbers this year. That will be the story of this game. I don't care that L&C has been a joke for years they are coming around and have put up some solid wins this season and I look for them to get over on UPS by at least 10 if not by more. HACK HACK my good man.

West Region Games of The Week:

#4 St. Thomas (7-0) over #20 Bethel (6-0) (at UST): This should be a fun game and I wish I could get a copy of the game to watch. UST is transitioning as the new king of the MIAC block but Bethel is having a banner year. This is going to be a tight ball game and honestly I'm pulling for Bethel to pull out the win but I think UST's a major west region contender and will pull it out late.

Redlands (4-1) over Occidental (4-1) (at Redlands): I took the Dawgs and I'm going to regret it. Oxy has owned Redland's for going on I think about the past decade and the Bulldog offense has disappointing so far this season. However, I don't think Oxy is has strong this season and Redlands will pull out a hard fought victory and get the Tigers off their back.

National Game Game of The Week:

#19 St. John Fisher (7-0) over Alfred (5-1) (at Alfred): I don't know much about these East teams except that I can't in my right mind pick a school named "Alfred". Seriously, how tough of a football team can you be with the name "Alfred". That has to hurt recruiting at some level. It sounds like they play their football games with sweaters tied around the neck and their jerseys are polo style made by Lacoste. I'll take SJF.

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