Friday, October 15, 2010

Around The 'CatdomeO'sphere

At first I didn't think there would be very much action on this week's link dump but as you peal back the layers of the onion all sorts of goodies started to show up.  Things Wildcat11 learned in this week's trip Around The 'CatdomeO'sphere:  Don't play Texas Hold'em with Simon Lamson, some people are doubting this Linfield team, WC11 is not the weirdest football blogger out there, SOU football just might make it, PLU's facilities are as dirty as I thought, and why do I feel like I've met UST's head coach at every car lot I've walk onto?  Linfield crushes Puget Sound Wildcats Reign supreme at Puget Sound Homecoming

Linfield Review (.pdf): Linfield clear cuts Loggers (page 14 of pdf)

Linfield Sports Player Spotlight:  Defensive End Eric Hedin is too much to handle. Around The Nation:  ATN columnist says Linfield is "overranked" at #14

Linfield Sports:  Coach Smith's presser.  Wanted the shutout but likes how 'Cats handled success.

Linfield Sports;  Linfield vs UPS highlights (via

Linfield Review:  'Catback goes Full Tilt and hits the jackpot

HIsportsfolio's Blog: 'Cats Linebacker Bubba Kukahiko gets a chance to roll through some former Maui high school players

BlueOregon:  Carla Axtman gives nod to oldschool Maxwell Field and the 'Cats

Pacific Boxers' YouTube Channel:  Pacific Highlight vs Willamette

Full Access Sports Vimeo Channel:  Willamette's Speckman talks Boxers and gives UPS way too much praise

Rojonekku Blog:  Some random blogger has Pacific ranked 5th worse college team in the country.  That's being tough on a 1st year program PLU back to their old tricks in big win over Whitworth  'Lutes break in Top 25  Bad start spells doom for Rats

Pio Pack Show (video):  Interview with L&C's QB and offensive Coordinator Pios off to their best start in years


The Mooring Mast: PLU invaded by Bedbugs!  GROSS! Southern Oregon is optimistic in joining NAIA Frontier Conference. Could save football at SOU.

Tommie Sports: UST head coach writes open letter to Tommie Backers and you would swear UST just won the Stagg Bowl.


Tim Ward said...

Rumor in St. Paul is that Caruso is headed to McMinnville. Smaller town creates a better family atmosphere.

Retired Old Rat

Wildcat 11 said...


We don't sell used cars in our program. :) I think UST is perfect for him.