Friday, October 22, 2010

Around The 'CatdomeO'sphere

Happy Friday to everyone in the 'Catdome. Well, WC11 has to say that besides some solid articles on the 'Cats this is a underwhelming trip around the 'CatdomeO'sphere. Local papers phoned it in regarding last week game coverage and I have to say that the NWC's student newspapers (sans The Linfield Review) have a terrible on-line presentations. The Pacific Index hasn't been updated since May, The Pioneer Log had one review about the updated facilities and nada after that, The Willamette Collegian started posting up PDFs but they are usually late to the party, The Mooring Mast at PLU is about 2 weeks behind, The Whitworthian has stunk up the joint with their football coverage, and the UPS Trail has been decent. You can usually find some good nuggets on insight or information from the student publications and with today's facebook/twitter generation you think these publications would be really on the ball when it comes to their on-line pubs. Thankfully the great staff at the Linfield Review has their act together and punch out new content each Friday. Go 'Cats! 'Cats coaching staff roots run deep at the 'Catdome 'Cats paste Pacific (live blog w/ video)

Linfield Review: Boxers knocked out at 'Cats Homecoming

Linfield Sports: Coach Smith's weekly presser reviews Pacific and PLU thoughts TNT has PLU vs Linfield one of their 5 things to watch this weekend's The Daily Dose: Linfield vs PLU is a game of the week in Division III

Statesman Journal: Bearcats start slow vs team wearing all white but once they figured out it wasn't Linfield they started to roll.

Fullaccesssports vimeo page: Speckman wraps on UPS game and Menlo The Oregonian's crappy small college wrap up. Lewis & Clark is feeling good about themselves.

Pio Pack Show:  Lewis & Clark Football says teams have to play them now. PLU's Legendary Frosty named "Washingtonian of the Year" The Curmudgeon is keeping an eye on the 'Cats


TLR said...

From all of us at The Linfield Review, thanks so much for your support! We work hard to produce our paper, and we're glad it's paying off. :)

Gooooo 'Cats!

Wildcat 11 said...

No problem TLR! You guys keep it up with your coverage and I'll do my best to keep sending readers your way. Linfield Alumni love reading articles about our 'Cats.