Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Video Tuesday

The 'Cats made some pretty outstanding plays during Saturday's 35-20 victory over Pacific Lutheran but two really stood out on their own. Simon Lamson broke a huge game icing 28-yard TD run and Chris Slezak had an incredible 15-yead one handed reception. Each of these plays I sent in to the D3football.com crew as nominations to the D3football.com play of the week.  **UPDATE** Week 8 play of the week is out and Pacific finally gets to win something this year as a scramble TD throw gets D3football.com's top weekly honor.  http://www.d3football.com/awards/playoftheweek/2010/week8 Simon Lamson's TD run was named a Finalist this week's POTW.

Why WC11 nominated it: It was an incredible run for the fact that PLU linebacker Adam Schwander slipped a Linfield block and put a solid hit on Lamson while Simon was still in the air from jumping over a pair of linemen, however, Simon was able to keep his feet and break the tackle to take it to the house. Just a great run in a big moment.

Why WC11 nominated it: Unlike other one handed catches you may see I thought the level of difficulty on this one hander was off the charts. 1) Boehme not only delivered a rocket of a pass but the location of the ball was up and behind Slezak. 2) Slezak was on a dead sprint on the slant and had to adjust and control his body 3) Going over the middle and reaching up and behind like that is dangerous for your health as Slezak came "this close" to having his lights being turned out. Just a great and very difficult grab.


d1shima said...

Great plays; great win.

Go 'Cats!

doc said...

You are too funny on that slo mo music.
Enjoyed everything but the non-block.