Monday, October 18, 2010

'Cats Win!!!! Linfield paves a road over Pacific in 66-14 victory

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That was pretty much what I think most were expecting on a beautiful October homecoming Saturday. Your Linfield Wildcats battered, bruised, and buried a young Pacific team as a gaggle of Wildcats hit the field in the 'Cats 66-14 victory at the 'Catdome.

For the 'Cats that moves Linfield up to 4-1 and sets up the NWC game of the year next week as Linfield will travel up I-5 and square off versus the PLU Lutes who are 5-0. That game will give either the 'Cats or 'Lutes the major inside track on the NWC championship and Divsion III Playoff bid. They don't get bigger than this game and this is why these young men come to play in games like this.

It's a short shot this week but lets still get to The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

The Good

-18 yards of rushing for Pacific: The Boxers gained 54 of rushing yards on the day but the problem is they also lost 74 yards in either sacks or Linfield defenders living the Boxer backfield. Great job by the 'Cats defense in just being more physical and pounding away at the Pacific offensive line.

13 'Cats with rushing attempts and 10 'Cats with a catch: The Linfield offense spread the love in putting up 557 yards on the day at 8.7 yards per play. The 'Cats were able to allow some of their young guns some time to show what they have and I feel confident in saying the future for Linfield remains bright.

Red Zone offense: Linfield's Red Zone offense continues to lead the NWC in Red Zone offense and the 'Cats showed why by going 6-7 in the Red Zone on Saturday and the only miss was Linfield taking their foot off the gas in the 4th quarter so Linfield wouldn't break the 70 point mark.

Being Ready To Play: Loved the excitement in the locker room and readiness this group continues to show each week. They didn't poo-poo Pacific but were fired up to welcome the Boxers back to NWC play.

Linfield Students: Let's be honest...besides the HSU and St. Thomas game last year the Linfield students really sucked it up during the 2009 season. In the first two games of the year the Linfield student body has been great in their support and showing up in mass. I hope they can continue that effort for the last two home games of the season.

The Bad

First Team Defense giving up a TD: Linfield brought the house on a blitz and the Pacific had the right play called on a little bubble screen that broke for a TD. It happens but I'm sure the Linfield 1st team defense was not thrilled they gave that up.

9 penalties. 9 yellow hankies where called on Linfield and that's two weeks in a row with a high number of penalties called. Linfield cannot afford to have that be a trend headed into next week.

The Ugly

Pushing the fence back in the Student Section. I've been attending games at Linfield for over 16 years and I've never seen the student fence pushed that far back. Maxwell field is know for how cozy it is and the famed south end zone where the students are right there behind the end zone. I'm not sure if there is some randon rule that is now being enforced but I hope whoever made the call could have a change of heart and move the fences back to where they belong.


Anonymous said...

would add to "the ugly": Pacific's QB getting carted off on a stretcher. Never like to see that!


Dennis Anderson '58 said...

Dave Hansen speculated on radio broadcast that this might be the first time in history that four Linfield quarterbacks have thrown touchdown passes in the same game. I will research that.

Kurtis Williams said...

Back when I was not broadcasting for KSLC, the students ALWAYS moved the gates forward slower by slower. Because to really get the best experience, and to get loud when the other team is near the south end zone, you gotta be as close as possible.