Friday, September 11, 2009

Around The Catdome'Oshere

We have a ton of stories for you this week and a big block of Hardin Simmons articles. You as a blogger that keeps tabs on the NWC I think there is nothing more that I like than seeing the different personalities of our coaches. Some are pretty reserve and others love to talk about the brain injuries they are piling up on their team. It's just a fun group to cover.

Linfield Sports Spotlight: Cats DE, Ian Estrada is looking to break heads and not his ACL’s

Spokesman Review: HSUs Feaster’s 2nd half sink Rats ship

Abilene News-Reporter: HSU Cowboy’s Up in 2nd half to overcome Whitworth (video): HSU topples Whitworth

San HSU’s Coach Keeling still kicking butt 74 years in. Cobber roomies team up to bounce Willamette from the Top 25

The Oregonian: Injuries mount up on Whitcomb’s legs but that doesn’t shake his confidence

Willamette Collegian: 2009 Willamette Season Preview

Mail Tribune: The Raiders class it “up” with visit to I-AA Portland State

The Tacoma News Tribune: Remembering “Nellie”

The News Tribune: Lutes remember “Nellie” and look to honor his memory in 2009

Mercury Oaks “O” Craps Out in Opener against Occidental

The News Tribune: UPS may not have many starters but at least they can cause brain injuries to each other during practice.

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