Monday, September 28, 2009

SOU Post Game Interviews or the "Tell me a little bit" interviews

WC11 thinks that I'm going to have to start to call these the "Tell me a little bit about" post-game interviews because I think that I ask that about 2,000 times in the post-game interviews that I've ran so far. I swear that I'll work on that for future on-the-spot interviews. Hopefully nobody plays a drinking game where they have to take a shot after every time I say "Tell me a little bit about" or said person would wind up at the hospital getting their stomach pumped.

Anyways..the YouTube video of the defense is having some issues so I'll have to get that fix later tonight. In the meantime we talked to running back Kevin Abbott who did a great job with Taylor Avritt in filling that 2nd running back slot. We also chatted up Senior offensive guard Kyle Otineru.

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