Friday, September 25, 2009

NWC Pick 'em: Week 4

I think it's pretty much safe to say that my picking skills this year stink. My faith in Lewis & Clark was not rewarded and my hate for Saint John's had me feeling that the Cobbers could get it done but no...those freaking Johnnies rolled. Anyways..I'm still in the bottom half of the NWC Pick 'em race. Maddy is just few pegs downs but not in last and Mack actually fell a place into 3rd. My gut feeling is that Mack is going to have a bad week with his picks. His sniffer must have been on the fritz and Maddy actually had the guts to pick UPS over Whitewater and SOU over Linfield. Needless to say that I made her sleep outside last night for disrespecting the 'Cats. Bad girl! Enough of my running of the mouth and let's get to the picks.

Rats over Chapman: Even though the Rats dropped a game to Redlands they showed life in the 2nd half. Chapman should give the Rats a close game but I'll take them to defend the Pine Bowl.

Menlo over Whittier: Whittier has had one game under their belt while Menlo is going into game number 4 on their season. While the Oaks have been struggling on offense I think we'll see an improved effort and a close win down in LA.

Willamette vs LaVerne: Willamett's defense will be too much for LaVerne and the Bearcats will slowly pull away as the game goes along.

UW-Whitewater vs Puget Sound: Seriously, Puget Sound should just send a white flag in their place to save both teams the trouble. Whitewater would be better off having an inter-squad scrimmage. The Loggers offense is horrible and is facing on of the top defenses in Division III. This could get really ugly.

West Region game of the week (IIAC Showdown):
#15 Central over Coe: I'll take the Dutch at home over the Coe-hawks. Central seems to be on a bit of a roll to start the year and that should continue.

National Game of the Week:
#9 Ohio Northern over #18 Otterbein: I know basically nothing about either of these teams so I'm just going to base my pick on the ranking (like a sucker).

Mack's Pick: 'Cats over SOU (Good boy!), LaVerne over Willamette, Menlo over Whittier, Chapman over Rats, UWW over Rats, Central over Coe, Otterbein over Ohio Northern

Maddy's Pick: SOU over 'Cats (Bad Girl!), LaVerne over Willamette, Menlo over Whittier, Chapman over Rats, UPS over UWW, Coe over Central, Otterbein over Ohio Northern

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