Thursday, August 20, 2009

2009 Opening Night kicks off around family atmosphere

It was a picture perfect night in the Valley for Linfield to open up the 2009 fall camp. It was great to see so many familiar and new faces get together at the 'Catdome talk about expectations, family, and Linfield football.

The Linfield coaching staff has some new faces(but not new to the 'Catdome)that I'm very excited to see in the fold. New to the staff is Coach Brodie Unger (Linfield 2003) will be working with the Linebackers with Coach Rombach. Coach Scott Cannon (Linfield 2000) is back at Linfield and will be working with the kickers and punters. Coach Cannon will also be coaching baseball in the spring. We also have a number of 2008 grads as first year coaches with the 'Cats. Gabe Haberly will be working with the WRs, Taylor Summers with the D-Line and Jared Hinkle will be assisting Coach Hire and the offensive line.

Along with the 'Cats players there were various family members of first year players as Coach Smith talked about what the team could expect in the coming weeks and season. The team then broke out by position group for introductions but the most anticipated part of the evening is when the seniors address the team and mainly the freshmen about some helpful advice and pitfalls to avoid in their first year as a 'Cat. I'll try to post up a video of that serious talk this weekend.

Looked like a very tight group of vets and the mood was upbeat. Be on the lookout our link dump post tomorrow but until then enjoy the sideshow above.

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d1shima said...

Thanks for the pics!
Keep 'em comin'...will look forward to some video as well.

Your posts are very much appreciated here in Hawaii!