Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cats Camp Kicks Off Tonight!

It is now officially the greatest time of the year! Forget Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years. This is the greatest Holiday of them all...Linfield Football starting off a new season. Approximatly 145 Linfield Wildcats will be checking in at the 'Catdome this evening for the annual family BBQ where freshman parents drop off their young ones and get to break the ice with the Wildcat vets. It's a nice way to start off camp as I can still remember being a freshman and about peeing myself sitting down in Ted Wilson gym looking at some of the monsters that populated the roster

Wildcat11 is going to do his darnedest to cover fall camp as best that I can. We plan on bringing some video of practice, I'll be tweeting (make sure you sign up with Twitter and follow Catdomealumni), interviews with players and coaches, and of course I'll be making passive aggressive comments about teams that Linfield will be lining up against this season. If any of you have any special requests in terms of players, coaches, or aspects of camp that you would love to see covered just leave a comment and I'll try to hook you up.

Damn, I swear a tear of joy just welled up in my eye in anticpation of another college football season. Give yourselves 5 alrights!

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