Sunday, August 16, 2009

ADvantage's scientific poll results are in. Cats are number one going into 2009 season.

With an overwhelming 64% of the votes the people have spoken and the 'Cats are the number one NWC team headed into the 2009 season. Of course this is a Linfield honk fan site/blog so what other outcome would you expect? I do want to say that whoever voted L&C number 1 is either the most hopeful fan of all time or has a cruel dark heart.

BTW, Western Oregon was upset they were not listed in the poll. I tried to explain that only NWC teams were allowed in the poll but the Wolves were adamant that they should be included. Don't believe me? Well here is proof on how they feel.


d1shima said...

Looking forward to another great season. I know several Hawaii players are already in McMinnville. Are a lot of other players around already as well?

Wildcat 11 said...

Hi d1shima,

Yeah, there is a large group that has been around all summer long but now that camp is just a few days out a number of other guys are making it back to the 'Catdome.

MacQuiz said...

Beanie Weenie night thursday at
6:30pm. Come one, come all for a
special audience with..."The Speech".
Coach can lay out the business of the game as good as anybody; and the special business of being a Wildcat.
"The Mettle's in the Men"

MacQuiz said...

Hi ho WC11...Ditto the BTW...
That's a real special clip of Wolf #1 showing his more ways than 1.

Darren Blair said...

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