Monday, August 3, 2009

Why? Why? Why?

This might be the video that breaks the internet. Seriously Coach Kiffin your team ½ nude draped in chains while mugging with a sports car? This video of the University of Tennessee's team theme photo just brought up a serious topic to Wildcat 11; when team/senior poster photos go seriously wrong.

It’s a VERY fine line between a harmless team/senior poster that is used to promote and funraise for an upcoming season and then when that line is crossed you enter into all sorts of areas of cheese and unintentional comedy. You start running into a mishmash of mean mugging and special photoshop effects gone wrong.

So WC11 thought he would share with you some of his favorites of the team/senior posters gone wrong.

EauClair’s bad boy bandannas

This 2003 poster might be one of all time favorites for the three dudes in bandannas and the sweet mean mugging from our Division III brothers in Wisconsin. Awesome!

The use of props.

One of the key components in a SWEET senior photo is the use of a large prop. It could be a helicopter, jet, a live animal. Below are some great examples for those scoring at home.

Hilliard Davidson Wildcats – TankFreakin’ sweet! A tank made out of a football. Never thought of that but the best part is the slogan “The Wildcat Battalion: You Won’t Know What Hit You…” I have a feeling that most of the opponents of Hilliard Davidson will know what hit them…a sad looking football team.

Verona High – Stretch Hummer Limo

Nothing too funny about this photo but I just love the fact they are using a stretch Hummer as their prop and they are cooling with their shades.

UW-Whitewater – Grader

The Warhawks have had incredible success the past four seasons and I have no room to knock their team but I sure as heck can poke fun at the major air lats some of the ‘Hawk players are displaying.

Biggest offenders – Jenks High School Football (Ok.)

I don’t even know where to begin with these posters. Granted, Jenks High is a powerhouse high school in the Oklahoma landscape but these posters are about a 10 on the unintentional comedy scale.

They all have the key components that made up a fall out funny poster. Arms crossed to make guns look bigger (check), Sweet graphics to intimidate (check), guys posing as if they are cool when you know they are not (check), extra tight shirts bought in the child’s section (and check).



Bubs said...

Great piece RC...that video is classic.

doc said...

Do you have the Tennessee cheerleaders video available by any chance?

chargercat36 said...

I was a senior in '03 and the anger over UW-EC stealing our '02 motto was easily over powered by the humor created by the hilariously ridiculous photo that accompanied it. I laughed for an hour straight. Who wears bandannas? I remember this so well I was thinking about it as soon as I saw the Tennessee thing before I scrolled down. Allowing those kids do that is pour leadership.

Teresa said...

Funny, but the 2005 Hilliard Davidson Wildcats were the Region 3 Division 1 Champions in the state of Ohio making it to final four, losing to State Champ Cincinnati St. Xavier. The 2006 and 2009 Hilliard Wildcats were Division 1 state champions! Note: Our coach always notes that we are undersized compared to our opponents.

Wildcat 11 said...


OK...Hilliard was a good football team but you have to admit that poster is are most of these types of posters. :)