Friday, August 28, 2009

Around The CatdomeO'sphere

Things are picking up as next Saturday Small College football officially kicks off for a number of teams including NWC teams. This time of the year everyone is improved and optimism is running at a high level but you really don't know who's going to be the teams to deal with until you actually start playing the games. Here's this week's link dump of news around the NWC and with upcoming Linfield opponents (HSU and SOU).

News Register: Cats banking on LBs to lead defense and Boehme's arm Raiders face off against Eastern Oregon. Coach hammering home that SOU players are now on same page.

Abilene News Reporter: HSU can't help but take a small peak down the road towards giant UMHB/HSU game.

Willamette Vimeo Video Page: Speckman camp interview. Thinks defense will be strength of team.

KPTV: Willamette Hoping for Dynasty after winning their 1st conference title during the past ten years SOU will lean on their defensive front SOU lands 9 on NAIA All-Indy pre-season team (isn’t there like only 5 indies in the NAIA? Just askin’)

Abilene NewsReporter: HSU’s Feaster is going to be a witch to deal with

Lincoln News Messager: Menlo's D-lineman, Tony Ramirez, hopes to bounce back from bad break Rats head man says the team is "vasty" improved

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