Sunday, August 30, 2009

'Cats putting in work early in the A.M.

The 'Cats just wrapped up their first full week of practice with an over 3 hour early morning practice that highly emphasized situational football. Word from camp is that the 'Cats running backs have shown great improvement from even this past spring and that the wide receivers have also made some excellent strides since the spring.

The Linebackers were already one of the strongest points of the team coming into the season but there are some newer faces you'll be seeing this fall that will add to the depth of the best LB core in the NWC.

My own personal observation is the energy the staff has been putting out every time I've been out to the 'Catdome. The offensive, defensive, and specialist staff is CONSTANTLY coaching in just about every moment of practice along with the vets helping out the younger players. It's a tight group that has been shaping their own unique identity over the past 9 days.

As with any fall camp there are some guys with some dings and strains but so far the health of the team has been pretty dang good and I suspect about as full of compliment of players that can be ready to go on the 12th.

The 'Cats main scrimmage will be next Satruday morning (Sep 5th) in the AM and then it will be HSU week. We're almost there.

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