Wednesday, August 26, 2009 T-Shirt Art Work is Locked Up

The artwork is in for the two T-shirts for the 2009 season. I should have my hands on them by September 5th and you all will be able to either buy them at the scrimmage on the 5th, before all four home games, or you can order them through

Remember, all proceeds will go to the team's traditional Holiday Giving Program. We're ordering a total of 185 dark gray shirts (125 of the 24/7/365 and 65 copies of the I heart Catdome shirts). I'm a little nervous about the I heart catdome shirts but I've been getting some great early feedback and I may have to order more if we sell out.'s goal is to raise about $800 to give to the 2009 Seniors. We have some work to do because the inital investment in the shirts is pretty decent this time around. I may have to tweak the prices this year in order to hit that magic $800 number but the shirts are still going to be VERY affordable.

I'll have an offical post next week with a price list and where you can pre-order shirts. Go 'Cats!

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