Friday, August 21, 2009

Around The CatdomeO'sphere

It just seems like it was last Friday since our last link dump...oh wait..nevermind. Small College football is picking up steam and so is the coverage. Still waiting for more articles where NWC coaches are quoted. I pretty much have them down: UPS will overstate, Whitworth will give generic quotes, Speckman will mix in a zinger, PLU will be upbeat no matter what, Menlo's guy is new but he seems like a decent quote so far. Anyways, here is what I dug up this past week. Raiders banking on large earth movers but I’d be worried about their blood glucose levels.

Abilene News Reporter: HSU is also bragging about their fat guys.

The Warrior Beat: Former WR NFL Great has a WR son that transfered from Hawaii to Hardin-Simmons.

Oregonlive: OSU’s Riley has Coach Rutschman address the Beavers. (one line mention) Incoming Cat earning some extra scratch at County Fair

KXLY (Video): Rats open up practice and of course you see a bunch of long hairs running around.

KDRV (Video about 2 minutes into segment): Southern Oregon keeps hammering home message of team unity and bonding.

KDRV (Video): Running looks to be main guy in the running for the QB job for SOU.

Palo Alto Daily News: Coach Fred Guidici was Menlo’s first choice as the head man.


Anonymous said...

Wildcat11...thanks for these's getting me all pumped for the season! Great Job!!!


Kevin said...

HI, I am the DAD of #4 ZaVious Robbins..... I was happy to see all of the respect you have given my son. I am a proud dad. He is unstoppable... Last week 11 catches 140 yrds and 2 TD's.... in just 2.5 quarters of play.... He is the real deal.

Lats have fun, and be safe on Sat.