Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Alumni Game Date is set for Saturday Oct 17th.

Linfield fans will get a double header on Oct 17th as the ‘Cats take on Lewis and Clark for homecoming at 1pm and just announced is that later in the evening will be the now annual Alumni/JV game at 7:30 under the lights at the ‘Catdome.

I have to applaud the Linfield program for moving the game from the typical Monday evening/Sunday afternoon to a Saturday. But even better is the fact that they will be offering the homecoming crowd at Linfield a chance to see the past, current, and future ‘Cats all in a one day feast of all things Linfield football.

Admission to the Alumni/JV game is free as usual and Alumni Team organizer Brandon Hazenberg is currently looking for alumni team player. You can contact Coach Hazenberg here: (brhazenb@linfield.edu) In speaking with Coach Hazenberg is he hoping to bring back over 50 alumni players.

Now, Wildcat 11 “retired” from the alumni game after the 07 season but I might just have to give it one more dance. Hell, I’m 33 and I’m not totally broken yet. I’m really out of shape but I have two months to work on running a lap without falling over. We’ll see.

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doc said...

"Hell, I’m 33 and I’m not totally broken YET."
Since it just takes one play, I wish you health - 'cause I'd like to see you whack somebody once.