Monday, August 24, 2009

First Impressions: Hard work, Organzied, and Speed

Wildcat11 spent Sunday with the 'Cats in a very up tempo practice at the 'Catdome. Throughout this week I'll post up some video clips of Sunday's practice. We did a little bit of an experimental run at having a player mic'd up during the 3 hour session on Sunday. We rigged up a mic to Senior Defensive End, Ian Estrada, and I'll be working on putting together a clip(s) of Ian's Sunday practice towards the end of the week.

My overall impressions was that the group is a hard working, cohesive group. There is not a lot of wasted motion during the practice and you see all of the coaches busting butt giving instruction and encouragement for the full 3 hours. I thought the defense look very fast and there has been some big improvements from guys at the offensive skill positions.

Linfield understands they have a very tall task in front of them this season and so far the staff has created a real sense of urgency in terms of learning and preparation.

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